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Pet Rules & Regulations

Section 1 - General Restrictions

  1. Your pet must be leashed and physically restrained at all times when they are outside of the Unit.
  2. All permitted dogs will not exceed a weight limit of 75 pounds.
  3. A maximum of one (1) pet is allowed per unit.
  4. All pets must be in a crate if left alone in the unit.
  5. Pets must be in designated “Pet Friendly” units.
  6. No pets are allowed in the elevator
  7. No Pets of the following breeds will be allowed on property:
  • CHOW

Section 2 - Pet Registration

A Pet Waiver Form is required to be signed upon arrival and kept on file for the duration of the stay. This waiver will require acknowledgement of the Pet Rules & Regulations.

Section 3 - Nightly and Additional Cleaning Fees

There is a $50 per night pet fee.  In addition, a fee of $500 may be charged for any deep cleaning needed or any damages incurred. This fee will be assessed by management.

Section 4 - Nuisance

Pets are welcome so long as it is in compliance with the Rules and Regulations and is not a nuisance and does not unreasonably disturb Owners, guests, or invitees. Pet actions and/or conditions which may constitute a nuisance include, but are not limited, to the following:

  1. Abnormal or unreasonable crying, barking, scratching, making or causing other noises of sufficient volume to unreasonably disturb other residents.
  2. Damaging property, soiling, urinating or defecating in a unit, or in any Common Areas, including the resort entrance, or otherwise being in a hygienic condition that is offensive to other Owners or guests.
  3. Molesting, attacking or interfering with the freedom of movement of any persons or other pets. Violations can result in being asked to leave the resort.


Section 5 - Owner Responsibility

  1. Pet owners assume full responsibility and are strictly liable for any property damage, injury, or disturbance their pet may cause at the Resort.
  2. Housekeeping and Maintenance will be restricted from entering any unit unless the owner is present in the unit with the pet or the owner has alerted the front desk that the pet has been removed from the unit or is crated.

Section 6 - Restricted Areas

  1. Due to potential health risks of some Owners or their guests, tenants, or invitees (i.e., allergy or phobia), all pet owners must use the East end stairwell when moving pets between floors. Entry or exit of all pets will take place through the entry on the East end of the building into the corresponding designated Pet Friendly Unit areas and Common Hallways.
  2. Pets shall not be permitted (either on leash or carried) in the public restrooms, owner’s club, restaurant, spa, winery, game room, owner’s locker room, fitness area, pool area or such other areas as may be designated as "no pet" areas.
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We do understand the need to have to cancel your travel plans sometimes. A 72 hour notice prior to arrival is kindly requested. If you do need to cancel within 72 hours of arrival, a one night room fee will be charged.

Questions? Call 603.745.7500 any time!
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